Art Basel Miami Beach 2023: The Caricature of Creativity

A Review of Art Basel Miami 2023

The 2020 Armory Show

Fame, wealth and talent gathered in spades at the 2020 edition of The Armory Show, New York’s Essential Art Fair

Review: Expo Chicago 2019

The eighth edition of Expo Chicago serenaded the 'Windy City' with seven days of art and expert curation

Andres Acosta's World of Colors and Shapes

Colorado-based painter Andres Acosta refuses to be limited by a singular style.

Metre in the Morning : Boxing

An original poem about boxing and brawling.

Metre In The Morning : Baa Baa

An original poem about the urge to follow while denying one's true self.

Hokusai's 'Great Wave' Will be on View in Chicago

Starting April 6th one of the most iconic images will be on view at the Art Institute Chicago.