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By Aidan McNally

Scared shitless, BK grabs the only weapon he can find: a rock.

In unison, every blue-eyed tentacle-faced body, lifts both arms. And firmly grips their own head and chin. Their muscle movement is stiff and clumsy like marionette dolls. Watching in approval, the milky-grey saucer suspends in the sky screeching.

BK gasps. “No, don’t!”

In a synchronized yank, they snap their necks. Like dominoes, every blue-eyed body falls dead.

Except, a short girl whose curly red hair dances in the breeze. No older than 8, she wears a green dress dripping blue slime from the tentacles nestling in her nose and ears. She cranes her neck eyeing BK.

“Hey.” He holds the rock up. “Chill.”

Her blue eyes melt into a milky-grey, like freshly poured cement. She drops to all fours like a lion. She screeches like the saucer. And pounces at BK.

“Sorry!” BK swings.


Skull gashed, she falls flat and lands on her back. Milky-grey eyes flicker blue, then return to green, human eyes. She inhales sharply and coughs as dead tentacles fall from all facial orifices.

BK kneels beside her. “Can you hear me?”

Her big, scared eyes find him, and she nods.  “I saw…” Tears swell as she quivers.

“I know.” BK nods remembering walls of stone and dwarfing glass domes. “It’s over now. What’s your name? Mine’s BK.”

“I’m Alice.” She sits up holding her bloody head. “What happened to me?”

BK jumps to his feet. An icy shiver slithers through every vein. As among the corpses, one climbs to its feet. It’s the Driver of the busted PT Cruiser. His eyes milky-grey as he screeches.

BK leans down and scoops Alice up. “We gotta get the hell outta here now!”

Together, they flee down dead city streets.

Behind them, the eyes of every corpse melt into a milky-grey. One by one, they rise. And shriek. In the sky, the saucer spins.

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The Atlantic