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  by Aidan McNally

Tentacles slither up BK’s arms and neck, until they reach his ears. Their glandular ends peel back, revealing translucent blue tips. The glimmering gelatin vines oscillate deep into his earlobes and nostrils. BK’s cries quell as a blue hue irradiates the whites of his eyes.

The graphite paved roads and petrified faces melt into sparkling dust. Then, darkness. Light blurs to focus, illuminating a hall of silver stone. Then, glass domes appear, standing from floor to ceiling. Twisting and turning within, a knot of diaphoresis blue tentacles amasses. But, the domes twinkle away and the graphite roads reassemble.
The tentacles retreat back into BK’s phone.

He gasps. Surrounding him, the crowd stands frozen, tentacles burrowing in their ears and nostrils. Their blue eyes collectively stare up. BK follows their gaze. Floating above the city, is a giant silver stone.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

To be Continued...

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