eds Dead presented their signature style of bass music to the world in their groundbreaking 2012 Essential Mix and have been cornerstones in the electronic scene ever since. The infamous Canadian duo commonly known as DC and Hooks currently have their own record label known as Deadbeats that boasts artists such as Eprom, Champagne Drip  Griz, Rusko and more. They have also compiled a lengthy discography that allows them to infuse a myriad of influences in a sound that you could only categorize as Zeds Dead. There are so many facets to their sound, you really just have to list them out.

First, there is the great infatuation with hip-hop vis-a-vis their early collaborations with Omar Linx and their more contemporary records that show collaborations with Pusha T, Jadakiss, Freddie Gibbs and more. Secondly a huge portion of the Zeds Dead sound is a bass heavy house vibe that can be deduced by delicious tracks such as Lost You and You Know. Thirdly there is their primary grimy dubstep sound that they helped to pioneer from the early 2010's and on with tracks like the Blue Foundation Remix, Rudeboy, and so many more. The secret to Zeds Dead's music can be found in their 2012 Essential Mix because this two-hour collection shows the Canadian Duo's vast musical range. Their unique tastes were able to incorporate timeless music (Rolling Stones/Aretha Franklin) and integrate it into an artfrom that would seriously bend the boundaries of music in the coming years.

As Zeds Dead's 2019 Deadbeats tour rolled through Chicago it was very hard to miss them as an EDM fan. They played two nights at the Aragon Ballroom, which has a 5000 person capacity, and sold out both shows. DC and Hooks also conducted some 'After Dark' bass rituals at the Concord Music Hall for after parties for both nights. Zeds Dead had a team of incredible supporting artists that was made of Blunts & Blondes, 1788-L, Blanke, Sodown, Lick and Duke & Jones. It almost seemed like their own festival and they had the production to boot.

Zeds Dead's textured history within the bass scene is so prevalent in their live shows which make for incredible feats. Tracks like Rescue, Collapse, and Lost You just deeply resonated with the crowd and it's easy to tell because every single person crammed into that large venue added valiant vocal accompaniments. These are the songs that let us forget the world around us for a while and let us just dance around our rooms. These tracks are freedom and it was thick in the air that night. Be sure to catch Zeds Dead as their tour continues with dates in Philadelphia, Florida, San Francisco and more.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta