ric Ray and Andrew Principe of EAZYBAKED have been causing mischief together since the 3rd grade but unbeknownst to them, their childhood fun would evolve into a major contribution to the left-field, freeform bass movement that is currently surging within the electronic music scene. EAZYBAKED has been frequenting concert bills all over the country this year while traveling with Yheti's Tour Deformed and Space Jesus' Temple of Noom Tour. They also released a seven-track project through Wakaan in the beginning of 2019 that was supported by The Untz, Magnetic Mag, and more. Despite the plethora of recognition, Ray and Principe never knew what a liberating experience it would be to start making music.

Eric: I didn't even know I was a creative person until I started pushing myself to do something, we wanted to bring people together to listen to weird sounds and do weird things and express themselves in ways they didn’t even know was there.
Andrew: Whenever people open their minds to new things, music especially, they’re more willing to do other things in life. That’s one barrier you’re breaking down and it’s going to continue further.

EAZYBAKED began when Ray and Principe hatched a plan to make a rap group in 9th grade that consisted of them making beats together and Ray rapping. Although the rapping part of the plan "didn't pan out", they discovered that they loved to make beats together. As their musical tastes shifted from Mac Miller and Kid Cudi to Caspa, they began creating some of the most intriguing freeform bass. Music became their new medium of mischief.

Eric: We never really intended on this, I mean it’s always been a dream to do this, we were just getting together trying to make something different. We quit our jobs at the same time and we just started running with this. This is what makes us happy and we’re happy to do this together and people obviously like it
Andrew: It was all expression and a productive use of our spare time.

When asked about the philosophies behind their music, Ray and Principe explained that there is a psychologically liberating aspect to this sort of music because it pushes the listener to open their mind to every weird sound that is approaching it, which unlocks a part of themselves that was previously hidden.

Eric: It has a very psychedelic feel, I feel like a lot of our crowds are kind of diving into that..You’re kind of opening your mind to something different, something not too normal, which is like pushing people to do things that are different and not too normal, getting into a different dance and vibing with the energy around them, which I think is really important
Andrew: Diversification... It’s abstract compared to the norm

This mind-opening factor to the EAZYBAKED sound could definitely be felt during their opening set for Yheti's Tour Deformed at Chicago's Bottom Lounge on May 3rd, 2019. The duo noted that being on tour with legends such as Yheti and Space Jesus has vastly improved their live set while also "sharing something so powerful, knowing we’re all taking part in something much bigger than us, much bigger than anything we can fathom and we’re all on the same wave." Be on the look out for upcoming releases from EAZYBAKED and their tour dates at festivals like Dancefestopia and Stilldream.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta