he anticipation for The Geek x Vrv's new 'Time Machine' album is building to astronomical levels as they release the fourth single from the upcoming project. The new track, 'Overview Effect 1972' is a delightful collaboration with electro-producer Møme and Danish singer M.I.L.K. The thematic premise of The Geek x Vrv's new album revolves around the exploration of different types of music making throughout time. So far the French duo have ventured to 1920s Paris Jazz Clubs, surfed the Kanagawa waves of 1831 and now they are blasting off into space with the 'Overview Effect 1972'. Concerning the theory behind this track, The Geek x Vrv had this to say;

'Overview Effect 1972' talks about the planet on which we live, the duality between its fragility and the destructive power of humans.
The overview effect is the cognitive shock astronauts get when looking back at planet earth from space. In this track, we put ourselves in earth’s place, admired by astronauts through their singular point of view. We wrote 'Overview Effect 1972 ' by French producer Møme’s side and then called upon Danish singer M.I.L.K. to put into words this simple message : take care of our planet.

Check out the track below and stay on the look out for The Geek x Vrv's debut album 'Time Machine' coming in January. And if you're in France go see them live!

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The Geek x Vrv