f you’re satisfied with the stale conversation, emotional monotony, and the general sense of separation that permeates through our modern culture, then you should stop reading this article. Continuing to read may cause a sense of unification with the whole and a feeling of freedom that allows your innermost passion to shine as brightly as it ever could. It’s hard to imagine a real place that could pull you out of a mental/spiritual funk and elicit these supernatural sensations but there is and it’s called Sonic Bloom.

This crazy, little festival in Colorado wants to change the world so that every living being can recognize the connection they have with each other. And no this is not ‘Woo-Woo’. Sonic Bloom gathers the latest creations of our collective evolving consciousness and showcases it to those who are brave enough to stand the mountain weather. Sonic Bloom is a place where emotional intelligence class attendees leave in tears, it’s a place where nudists with vagina piercings are not uncommon in a 10:30 AM Qigong class, and it’s also a place where the most avant garde electronic music is played on Funktion One Sound Systems all night until 5 AM.

Sonic Bloom 2022 is the 15th edition of a festival that started out as a camping show for Zilla at Mishawaka Theater in 2006. Since then, it’s become the culmination of a growing scene in Denver that infuses psychedelic art, electronic music, and legal hallucinogens. The funny thing about Sonic Bloom is that it also brings together Western & Eastern ideas through the study of quantum physics, ancient history, yoga, and permaculture.

Unbeknownst to most attendees, the idea behind Sonic Bloom is based upon Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory that posits we are all bathing in a superdense fluid medium called space and we are all connected. This quantum physics theory is very similar to the Hindu concept of Brahman and was interesting enough for the Dalai Lama to invite Haramein and Jamie Janover, the Founder of Sonic Bloom, to lunch.

So what does this Unified Field Theory have to do with the festival? It sets the vibe for the whole weekend. Every painter, musician, landscape designer, VJ,  stage builder, and organizer that helps create Sonic Bloom are well versed in the creative energy of the universe and use it to enhance each other’s experience. It is the same energy that sparks someone’s eye when they see a certain artwork. The same energy that a good melody gives you to dance like you’ve never danced before. The idea is for every person to use their creative energy to add to the collective experience and realize what it means to be alive. It is an ultimate freedom that is way deeper than getting fucked up at a music festival, in many ways this is a spiritual festival.

People come to party, don’t get me wrong, but this is also a place where you can work on yourself or discover a new passion that eventually becomes your career. The amount of curation that goes into Sonic Bloom’s Workshops, Permaculture classes, art galleries and Yoga sessions is almost beyond belief. Then they have artists like Tipper, Lab Group, and Lettuce playing at night. Going to a transformational festival like Sonic Bloom is a lot at first, especially if you are not familiar with the Sanskrit words for yoga moves or you’ve never heard of reiki healing before. But as you get used to it, you realize that festivals like Sonic Bloom are bridges to other worlds. Worlds where talking about aliens is normal or worlds that open a dialogue about bringing the human race together to live in peace and harmony. Sonic Bloom is a model for how the world could be if we all gathered on the Unified Field.

Photos by
Alex Smith