here are not many places in our world that fuse quantum physics, electronic music and genuine human interactions into a single social setting but Sonic Bloom is one of them. Thousands of adventure seekers recently gathered at Southern Colorado’s Hummingbird Ranch for Sonic Bloom’s 14th annual gathering, which is founded upon Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory. Although Sonic Bloom could accurately be described as a festival of music, yoga, art, and workshops, this gathering doubles as an experiment testing new modes of human interaction that honor the psychedelic implications of modern physics.

In 2002 the founder of Sonic Bloom, Jamie Janover, was attending a festival hosted by the String Cheese Incident when he was approached by a friend to sit in on a lecture about The Unified Field Theory given by Haramein himself. Being quite interested in physics, Janover acquiesced without knowing that his whole reality would soon be changed (There are certain key takeaways of the Unified Field Theory that should be noted; we are infinite galactic beings, everything is connected by the structure of space and our galaxy, along with everything in it, is a dual torus). 17 years later Janover has taught hundreds of lectures around the world and created Sonic Bloom to put the Unified Field Theory into practice.

Janover’s goal for Sonic Bloom is to create a ‘festival earth’ where different traditions of thought can coexist like different genres at a music festival. These potent ideas blew my mind in 2015 when Janover nonchalantly mentioned them during a Sonic Bloom press conference and they were still stirring within me as I returned four years later. Upon entering the Unified Field there is constant encouragement to fully ‘be yourself’ and this sentiment spurs from the unending flow of positive stimuli that surrounds the attendants. When your senses are bombarded with dancers twisting to musicians playing instruments that fuel live painters to move their brushes in a way that inspires healers giving workshops-- it is only a matter of time before one asks herself, “What shall I Create?” 

As this question is answered, one begins to find their place within Sonic Bloom. Some are called to the middle of dancefloors to experience the delicacies of sound and this year was a special treat. The 2019 Sonic Bloom lineup boasted big name headliners such as Gramatik, Opiuo and The New Observatory but it also offered avant-garde artists creating the sounds of tomorrow such as Pushloop, Bogtrotter, Jade Cicada and more.

While the dancers are resting from their late night sets with Yheti or Um.., early risers are gathering at the Yoga D’Om for guided meditations, taking notes during a workshop at the Alchemy Lounge or chilling by the creek. The magic of Sonic Bloom derives from the diversity of crafts, skills, knowledge and personal expression that is being exhibited in every tree-tucked corner. This environment urges the observer to realize the possibilities of this reality, the intense potential of human creations and to ascertain the method of bringing their own version of beauty into existence.

My first excursion to the Unified Field was defined by the music but this time I found myself getting excited for the workshops. My magical Bloom moment didn’t happen near a stage but at Jamie Janover’s workshop explaining the Unified Field Theory. The feeling that accompanies the attempt to answer the essential human questions with scientific methods that honors the wisdom of the past is powerfully liberating considering the dystopian, nihilistic mindsets that dominate our modern times.

This feeling motivates people to co-create their reality in their own vision and add the beauty that is missing as opposed to solely observing the faults of our current reality. When the people can dance  laugh, and be-- that freedom resides and the ability to continuously cultivate this potent feeling over the last 14 years deserves a certain curiosity for Sonic Bloom. Although not all attendants realize that the Unified Field Theory is the basis of Sonic Bloom, everyone leaves Hummingbird Ranch with a lasting impression that can be pointed to but never fully explained. The Unified Field is calling you!

Photos by
Loud Global