reddy Todd returned to Chicago for the first time in a year for Good Music Collectiv's inaugural edition of Bass Bloom, a four part concert series happening this Spring in Chicago. He opened his set with a righteous tribute to Pipus and proceeded to deliver a set of flawless mixing and heavy bass(including an unreleased collaboration with Griz!) He was classy and nonchalant as he dropped mind-bending tracks in a gray suit, paired with a shiny shirt. Much like Freddy Todd's set, the whole night was choreographed and specially curated. Stereo Nightclub seemed turned into an indoor festival with live painting, intricate visuals, flow artists and proper wubs. It felt like a family gathering that radiated a comfortable feeling, it was amplified by amazing sounds.

The preceding set came from a sorcerer of bass from Orlando called Rest in Pierce. He provided a set of totally original music that allowed the audience to delve into the depths of their psyche's. This was his first time playing in downtown Chicago (he played once before at Cairo Ale House) and there is no doubt that he gave a good first impression to us Windy City freaks.

Super Future, a DJ/Producer from Grand Rapids,also had a charming set that was topped off by an unreleased remix of a track from Graves & Hex Cougar. His set was of the inspirational sort and was strengthened by seasoned mixing. Before him two pairs of local DJ/Producers had sick b2b sessions.

All in all the folks at Good Music Collectiv threw a killer show because they had a close knit vibe with the quality of music that makes it feel like an escape. The next edition of Bass Bloom will be on March 29th, it will feature Laika Beats, G-Space, Cyber G and more.

Photos by
Loud Staff