he internet recently obsessed over the fact that Kanye West had overpriced merchandise at his Coachella set that were marketed as 'Church Clothes'. In a remarkable turn of events many news outlets were actually defending Christian traditions because they deemed the apparel sacrilegious. As if they had any experience with Christian religions, like why is it bad to put 'Jesus Walks' on Kanye socks if that is his lyric?

Granted, 'Holy Spirit' is a bit edgy for a shirt but again why are we now all of sudden afraid of hurting the feelings of Christian religions? They never considered the feelings of indigenous peoples or innocent children. The funny thing is I posit that Kanye West truly believes in Jesus Christ and so does Chance the Rapper. They just believe in a Jesus that is down with a man making crazy money off t-shirts and rapping about DMT and 2CB.

Although the religious aspect could be flexed way harder, I will move on to pure financials. Let us remind ourselves that Kanye West recently had a tiff with his record labels over the rights of his creations. Apparently his contract stipulated that Sony/ATV owned his catalogue but when he offered to buy it back, they declined. Despite many outlets focusing on the silliness of Kanye trying to get out of his contract, all I saw was another artist being screwed over by an ugly, sticky contract. If Kanye can't even own the songs that he creates then let him sell his shirts for however much he pleases. Aren't we all out here to make a few pennies?

The true phenomenon is that Kanye is able to stir up such a craze within the media every time he lifts a finger or makes a tweet. He wants your attention and that's why he's winning.

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