ick Murphy has been macro-influencing our culture's contemporary idea of music for many years now and his new album paired with the exhilarating performances he is currently delivering on tour shows the process of a musician becoming a master. From his collaborations with Flume to original tracks that have embedded themselves into the psyche of our generation, it has been pretty difficult to ignore Nick Murphy.  Chet Faker, Murphy's former stage name, beautifully introduced me to a new genre at a young age and it was step in musical evolution that I didn't know was possible. It was live but it was electronic. It was new but felt like an old pair of jeans.

Nick Murphy chose Chicago's Metro for the first show of his 2019 North American Tour with a supporting set from Beacon. After sixty minutes of silky vocals and proper beats from Beacon, it was time for Nick Murphy.

He approached the crowd with a violin bow and an electric guitar, the proper tools for serenading that Chicago crowd with an experimental introduction before leading into his first song, 'Hear It Now'. Murphy's intoxicating vocals filled the room and his energetic presence vibrated throughout the packed concert hall. According to Murphy, there was a "Good Energy" in the room and there is no doubt that his performance fueled it. Murphy played his new tracks with confidence and also played classics like '1998' with added live-edit twists. The crowd couldn't helped but to be mesmerized as Murphy moved between his instruments and revealed the extant of his vocal abilities. It was a truly a sound to be heard. Check out Nick Murphy's upcoming tour dates here.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta