he Avondale Music Hall was taken over by Hatcha and Youngsta, dubstep maestros from London, for Notion Presents' Rated Deep event and the result was monumental. Ear Plugs were provided on the way in, they were basically mandatory. The night began with two sets from local producers that every dubstep-head in Chicago should know. Grime Theory and Treepeoh have been mainstays for Chicago dubstep shows, they took over after Adamosity and Impasta. Any audience member could tell how much fun the producers were having on the Hennessey Sound Design System, playing loud and fun tunes, but this Chicago-style dubstep would not dominate the night.

Distinct Motive took over after Treepeoh and provided a proper representation of the acclaimed 'kiwi' label, Deep, Dark & Dangerous with superb, minimal dubstep. The lack of different elements defines this sort of music, strict bass reigns. The Canadian producer pleased the Chicago crowd actively, yet their thirst for the deep bass was not quenched, but it soon would be.

Hatcha simply said, "Hello Chicago, I'm Hatcha and this is Youngsta..." before annihilating the audience's preconceptions of dubstep with the true origins of a genre that is always changing. If dubstep was a massive musical tree, Hatcha and Youngsta also known as Bloodline, would be the roots. The sophisticated nature of their craft is registered by all listeners and their exquisite tastes are the envy of all DJs.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta