oci Records has unveiled their highly anticipated 'Season Two' compilation album and it showcases the incredible potential of contemporary downtempo with original tracks from Edamame, Tor, Frameworks, and more. The 12-track album curated by Emancipator commemorates the vast growth that Loci Records has seen over the past seven years and also gives a glimpse of what's to come from the esteemed label. After experiencing the first Loci Records Showcase Tour, it was clear that this group of artists were cutting their own path within the music scene through their multifaceted explorations of downtempo and the 'Season Two' compilation fuses these journeys of sound into one serene album.

The 'Season Two' compilation offers tracks from Loci veterans such as Lapa and P3RIPH3RAL but it contains the works of new recruits such as Marley Carroll and 9 Theory as well. Although the majority of artists on this compilation are definitively associated with Loci Records, 'Season Two' also includes a piece from a typically heavier sounding artist, DMVU, allowing him to flex his downtempo skills. It is interesting to note that this bridging of genres also occurred on the 'Season One' compilation with a delectably soothing tune from Space Jesus and D.V.S. There seems to be a contemplative beauty within this compilation, a deep appreciation of sound that can only be summarized by the intricate oeuvre of the record label founded by Emancipator and the coup de grâce of the album seems to be the super collaboration between Emancipator, Lapa, Tor and Frameworks dubbed 'The Bridge' which metaphorically take us to the other side. Despite the long interval between 'Season One' and 'Season Two', the new compilation "also marks the beginning of a more consistent release schedule with bigger releases, developing a global reach, and revealing more hidden gems with the world." Enjoy 'Season Two' below and stay tuned to Loci Records!

Photos by
Ed Harris