he second edition of Jakob Ogawa's Teen Angel Tour recently stopped at Chicago's Lincoln Hall to turn a slow Tuesday into a sonic dream world of heart-stirring lyrics, bright lights and disco balls. Once you've heard this Norwegian Wunderkind's unique vocal styling, there's really no going back. It seems to combine a psychedelic honesty with a silky falsetto that transports the senses into a REM-like dream-state and the Chicago crowd couldn't wait to experience it.

The night began with an excited energy as Nathan Bajar took the stage for an opening set. The buzz from playing on his first tour made his set quite ecstatic and this energy would remain for the rest of the night. Although Ogawa produces his soothing soul-scapes independently, he chose to bring out a full live band for his first North American tour and the results were excellent. Ogawa couldn't help but smile as he took the stage with his four-piece band and received the crowd's energy. He giggled in disbelief before embarking on an epic showcase of his music. During the performance the music seemed to consume him as he wiggled and swayed to the band's precise jams.

The crowd gushed and sang along as Ogawa effortlessly nailed tracks like 'Sunshine Girl' and 'All Your Love'. These songs gained some lively texture with the band behind him and also allowed him to play unreleased songs and experiment with some covers. Ogawa also invited singer Cecefayce to sing Clairo's verses on 'You're Still Sleeping' and back-up vocals for other tracks, which pleased the crowd immensely.

Before long Ogawa was saying good-bye and the crowd seemed disconcerted as they finally touched down from the uplifting buzz that originated from his music. That crowd caught a glimpse of the dreamy world of Jakob Ogawa and it made a cathartic impression on everyone who really listened. The Teen Angel Tour Pt.2 continues with dates in Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and more.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta