igital Ethos just dropped the Modus EP which presents a refreshing interpenetration of heavy bass music that relies on actual rhythm as opposed to an obnoxiously loud production style, which has been a prominent tactic for many producers today. There is a reason why this up and coming producer has been played out by big names over the last four years while also snagging collaborations with Bassnectar and Space Jesus. Digital Ethos has vision combined with unreal production skills and he really showed it on this three-track EP.

Digital Ethos' new Modus EP can be understood as a testament to true dubstep and bass music because it doesn't attempt to assault the listener with sounds, it approaches you with a psychedelic friendliness. As the heavy bass sound drifted toward 'Riddim' over the last few years, many producers seem to overuse a sort of festival-style loudness in their production leaving me with a headache. No disrespect to the Riddim lovers but let me tell you that there is a huge difference between OG Riddim and the current ultra-hyper machinge gun type sound that is popular today. A true exception is Subtronics and he is defintely taking the sound to a new cool realm with his collaborations with Griz, Rusko and Ganja White Night. Coincidentally Digital Ethos will be providing support for the Subtronics mega tour that also features Charlesthefirst Chee and Bommer. It is honestly cool that bass music has evolved enough to splinter into these similar yet highly differentiated sub-sub genres but I will always be a sucker for that 2010 grimy UK dubstep sound that Digital Ethos emulates a lot in his delectable new Modus EP. Don't miss Digital Ethos on his upcoming dates!

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Digital Ethos