rumb ended their 2019 Spring Tour, which featured more than 20 shows around the United States, with an epic set at Chicago's Thalia Hall and according to the band's Instagram story it is the "last show for a while." The historic venue on Chicago's Southwest side began crawling with Crumb fans around 7:30 PM for an opening set from Divino Niño, a band from Chicago that recently concluded a tour with Durand Jones & The Indications. I heard most of the set from the ticket booth while attempting to persuade the lovely fellow at the counter that I do indeed work for a blog and if it wasn't for the delightful tunes, it may have been a stressful wait.

Once entry was gained, the room appeared to be packed and I nuzzled my way through the human labyrinth to reach the front row. The four piece band made up of; Lila Ramani on guitar/vocals, Jesse Brotter on bass, Brian Aronow on synth/keys, percussion, reeds, and Jonathan Gilad on drums approached the bursting Chicago crowd with class. Their set consisted of classic hits like 'Bones' and 'Locket' but they spent a lot of time playing new material for a lucky Chicago Crumb crew. Ramani's soft yet powerfully charged voice is one of the defining features of Crumb's sound but many members took time for emphatic solos such as Aronow who unleashed the saxophone for a few songs. Their energy-filled set ended with the raging crowd begging for an encore and the members of Crumb gladly obliged.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta