UP is proof that Punk Rock is alive and well, especially in Chicago. The Canadian band had to add a second show at the Metro for their 'Morbid Stuff' Spring Tour because the Chicago PUP fans were just begging for it. The night started with Casper Skulls and the singer revealed how much the band has enjoyed the tour. The audience was attentive yet stiff, I didn't realize that they were intentionally conserving energy for the near future. The Casper Skulls played a short set and made way for the Ratboys, a lovely band from the Windy City. The Ratboys delivered excellent renditions of 'Molly' and 'Elvis in the Freezer' leaving the audience in an auditory trance, unable to resist absorbing the band's infectious energy.

It was then time for PUP, the crowd was gearing up and asserting their location within the pit. There were stacks of Orange amps, cherry red guitars, and smoke filling the stage. The four members of PUP walked out and the crowd erupted. The set was instantly received with intense screams and crowd surfing as 'Dark Days' and 'Kids' were being played to perfection.

The symphony of sounds seemed like a sort of punk rock choir with the majority of the crowd singing along to virtually every lyric sung. This was a large group of unapologetic punks and a time was had. Click here to see where PUP will play next because for the next few months they will be playing all over the world.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta