e’ll take you on a journey.” says lead singer, Dani Bell, as she caresses the microphone, in a long dress that is reminiscent of Florence Welch while she projects the pure emotion of a Snail Mail likeness. Tucked into the bar scene of Normal Heights and draped in pink light, Boychick’s electic indie sound resonated with the crowd and perfected its own indie pop dream. Born in San Diego, Boychick stemmed from the group Della! Della! and has been performing at their local hometown venues since 2014. Their signature style of combining both contemporary rock and indie soundscapes draws from artists like David Bowie, The Pixies, The Strokes, The Beatles, and Alabama Shakes in order to create a modern band with a 1970’s feel. Sodabar’s intimate set-up created a show that was both personal and cool matching the layered guitar riffs of Boychick’s Robert Martinez. Stepping into this local hotspot, I immediately noticed a man in the corner wearing a Ramones t-shirt, a girl dancing wildly in the center of the floor, and everyone seemed to know each other. Not only does Boychick represent the music scene of San Diego, but its cult following of fans swayed alongside the band as a way to exit the long week and enjoy the mixture of rock, turmoil, and desire that is Boychick . 

Boychick performed songs that settled the bar into an atmosphere of steady calm, brushed with rosy overtones. Their songs’ initial build-up established an upbeat tempo followed promptly by a shift into a smooth downward melody that filled the bar and soothed the clamor of the drunken fans weaving in and out of each other. By the middle of the set, Boychick had the people right where they wanted them; crooning to the band’s duets in a San Diego bar, a fantasy of longing coupled with guitar solos. The breakage that Boychick enacts in their songs intertwines feelings of both pent-up rage and broken peace as they end on a bittersweet note. Boychick remains steady in its local scene with recording sessions on YouTube and a growing page on Facebook, this band has created its own platform while holding onto its home roots. No member of the band is ever left in the dark, as each gets their chance to exhibit their talents through various solos showing the close knit bond between the group members. This bond is transferred into the visceral experience of the audience members as Boychick extends its hand and invites everyone to enter their realm.


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