ag Raiders are an Australian electronic music duo that defy many stereotypes attributed to artists that contribute to the mainstream. Although their music has been mainly popularized by a plethora of ‘Shooting Star’ Memes that show people flying through space as the drop of their catchy tune encapsulates the listener, they are the perfect reason you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Bag Raiders was founded in 2006 by Jack Glass and Chris Tracey, two classically trained multi-instrumentalists that met while enrolled in Sydney's Cranbrook School. Glass was mastering piano and cello while Tracey dove into violin, guitar and clarinet. Although their music could be simply categorized as House or electronic, their relationship with music goes far deeper. One wouldn’t expect a full drum kit, guitars, and keyboards for a “House” show but that was the case when Bag Raiders stopped in Chicago as a part of their Horizons World Tour.

Bag Raiders’ newest album Horizons exemplifies their intimate relationship with music, which has grown into a mature, tropical sound that is composed of many instrumental elements and a groovy ass beat. The Horizons World Tour contained many dates in Australia, a scarce few in the States, and a festival in Hakuba, Japan. After an energetic set from Chicago synth-pop duo Small Tines, Glass and Tracey began an authentic dance party that couldn't be denied. Throughout the night Tracey was dropping dreamy vocals over the tight melodies of Glass's keys and the live drum kit just enhanced the whole experience. These are the happenings lost to those that judge a book by its cover and don't explore the music behind memes.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta