he Trifinity’s live sets blur the lines between DJ sets, performance art and ritual ceremonies leaving viewers scrambling to comprehend this new version of existence in a triangular dimension.The Trifinity is composed of Yheti, Toadface, and Mt. Analogue; three musical explorers from Ohio that created a portal to a different realm three years ago with the release of the infamous Trifinity Mix. At that point in time Yheti had already become an established name for making some of the most experimental tunes the US Weird Bass scene had ever heard, his little brother Toadface was following in his footsteps, and Mt. Analogue was a rising producer/vocalist. Although The Trifinity is deeply rooted in music, a proper definition of the trio would have to include their elaborate triangular philosophy which has morphed into a contemporary view of spirituality that approaches an absurd satire of religion while also inspiring an authentic sense of peace, joy and love within their audiences. 

The Trifinity legend is vast and the only way to access it without hurting your brain is through the music.The Trifinity released a full length album called ‘The Grand Awakening’ in September 2019 and this collection of songs exemplifies the mindset of these three creators. The Trifinity makes music that challenges the listener’s preconceived notions of audible content and eventually expands their definition of music. In many ways this is The Trifinity’s goal; to expand the audience’s idea of acceptable creativity in order to inspire a new wave of media that defines our odd stage of existence. The Trifinity have been achieving this goal with their live sets that offset the viewers typical interaction at a concert to create a wholly unique experience that interweaves narrative, spiritual thought, and bass of course.

The Trifinity celebrated their 333rd ceremony on Friday the 13th at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge and I was ecstatic to delve deeper into the mythology of this triangle trio. The night began with an opening set from Treepeoh who has been quickly rising through the ranks of the Chicago Bass scene and Otto von Schirach took over after him. Otto von Schirach wasted no time riling up the crowd up with his abstract DJ stylings that involve screeching, tribal dancing, and “opening up the portal”. As an official opener for the Trifinity, von Schirach’s task was to ‘open the portal’ for the audience to experience the Trifinity. At a certain point von Schirach urged the crowd to chant ‘open the portal’ while a Triangle pulsated on the screen, almost dancing to the erratic electronic music that filled the room. Then it was time.

As the ceremony began Yheti, Toadface and Mt. Analogue slowly walked onto the stage holding a glimmering pyramid that had the metallic appearance of aluminum foil but was being shown a reverence fit for a holy relic. The Trifinity each wore colorful, hooded robes that shimmered with light and held up their hands to make the triangular sign to begin the set. As the music began to play, Mt. Analogue preached the philosophy of the triangle and his words seemed to be strengthened by his lengthy beard. He told the crowd that this was a spiritual event that was going to cleanse the audience with the power of the Triangle of Light and it was all a part of the show. Although this sort of entertainment could be deemed inflammatory or odd, the obvious comedic element of the show absolved The Trifinity of being associated with any religious zealots. In reality, The Trifinity is making a meta-commentary on the methods used by organized religions to instill faith while also glorifying the human attribute of creativity that allows us to make and experience art.

Throughout the set a quarrel between the Dark Triangle and the Triangle of Light is presented as a narrative that the audience must pay attention to while listening to the experimental bass in the background. Essentially, the Dark Triangle is a metaphor for the constraints that our capitalistic society imposes on us and the Pyramid of Light is urging us to defy these norms to become the person you actually want to become. At certain points during the set the Pyramid of Light (prop) is held up, passed around the audience, destroyed, and used as a weapon to “kill” and resurrect Mt. Analogue. To be frank, this is one of the most intense musical experiences known to man and urged many in the crowd to break down in tears. This presentation of music, spiritual thought, and theatrical performance redefines our idea of entertainment leaving us to see the world in a new, pure way.

Photos by
Pedro Acosta