Sean O’Malley's "The Suga Show" Apparel Collection
Sean O’Malley's "The Suga Show" Apparel Collection
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ean O’Malley is a highly accomplished and talented bantam-weight UFC fighter. As eccentric as he is lethal, “Suga” Sean has steadily become one of the biggest names in professional fighting. Flaunting a colorful bad-boy attitude and a fondness for all things 420, Sean has earned respect in and out of the ring.

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In protest of the UFC selling naming rights of fighters to a prominent athletic retailer, Sean’s manager came to LOUD to promote his personal brand. Highlighting Suga Sean’s persona, our design team produced a collection of custom illustrations, each one hitting harder than the last.




Our first design invited fans into Sugaland, the legendary home of Suga Sean. Draped in a green, kush-inspired kimono, Sean struts down a golden path nestled between pink mountains and towering cannabis plants. In the distance, his luminous kingdom meets the shimmering sky.  

“The Suga Squad”

The next design enshrines “The Suga Squad” striking victorious poses in front of the "Sugario's" Tuscan architecture and dancing fountains. Fireworks mark the celebration as Sean lifts his arms in glory, extending Sin City a Champion’s greeting.  

“Little Suga”

Waving a J worthy of high-praise, "Little Suga"  smiles in the octagon with hazy eyes, confirming the potency of the bud. Wearing Sean’s purple belt as a headband and rainbow flip-flops, the mascot celebrates Sean’s elevated lifestyle.

“Fight Night”

The “Fight Night” design portrays Sean as the subject of a retro video game loading screen, complete with a profile bio and list of athletic attributes. Vibrant neon title text surrounds a black and white shot of Sean assuming his fighting stance.

“Suga me Crazy”

“The SugaDoo”

The SugaDoo design immortalizes Sean’s legendary hair. The detailed illustration transforms Sean’s marquee rainbow hair-stlye into a logo that encapsulates his exuberant persona. 


Inspired by the infamous social media disruptor Tekashi 69, this design depicts an animated version of Sean sporting his fight-ready rainbow cornrows.  Flaunting his notable tattoos, Sean clenches a fist while inviting all opponents to step forward.


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