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Drip Water Co.
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rip Water Co. is a Chicago-based, black-owned start-up in the alkaline water industry. But Drip is so much more than just another water delivery service. Offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles, and supporting sustainability initiatives in the Chicagoland area, Drip Water Co. challenges us all to do our part in eliminating plastic waste.


Recently, Drip decided to redesign the company's logo and was looking to develop its debut merchandise collection.

To make the most of this opportunity, Drip came to LOUD.

Drip was looking to develop its own illustrated apparel line that featured their new logo, utilized bright vibrant colors and mimicked the look of Coca-Cola's 1990s cartoon-based marketing campaigns.



"Drip Boy"
"Drip Girl"


We made sure to incorporate Drip's new brand assets into the merch designs to best showcase the company's new look.

The "Drip Boy" shirt designs feature the updated Drip logo small and by itself on the front left chest. The back graphic includes an original LOUD illustration that depicts a young boy downing a bottle of the oh-so-refreshing Drip water. The "Drip Boy" designs were screenprinted onto both a white and black heavyweight ringspun long sleeve tee.

The "Drip Girl" shirt designs on the otherhand feature the full alkaline-water spectrum printed accross the front chest alongside the secondary Drip logo/emblem. The backs of the shirts include a variant of the design on the back of the "Drip Boy" tees that features a girl instead of a boy. The "Drip Girl" designs were printed on both light grey and aqua heavyweight ringspun short sleeve tees.

As a finishing touch, we then added screenprinted brand and size tags to all the garments.

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